Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Few Questions Answered..

WARNING: This post is long, and may bore you to tears, LOL!

I just want to take a minute to thank everyone who has left such wonderful comments. I can't express how good it makes me feel, and keeps me motivated to do what I love to do! You don't know how many times I have thought to myself, how futile all the time and effort I put into this hobby is! Sometimes I scold myself for taking the time instead of doing something 'productive'. But the way I look at it is like this. Life is not always much fun. It's working hard, taking care of children, doing all of the things that we need to do on a day to day basis. Cleaning, making dinner, doing laundry, driving a gazillion miles to get all the kids where they need to be. So, when I have a few hours in between all of these things, I sit down, I create, I paint, I listen to my audio book and let all things just be for a few moments. It calms and centers me, allows my brain to take a break from worrying how am I going to pay for my car insurance, or buy Christmas presents this year. It allows me to take pleasure in what would otherwise be a very dreary life. If I didn't have something creative to do, I would be in a mental institution by now, LOL! SO, because I take this time for me, I am happier and healthier. Because I am happier and healthier, I can be a better mother, a better spouse, employee, etc. etc.

Anyway, I have been asked how I made the card in my previous post without a stamp? Well, it's actually quite simple. When I used to paint with acrylics on all sorts of surfaces, wood, plaster, tin, paper mache, whatever, I would have a pattern of the design I wanted to paint. (This card was made using one of the free patterns from Plum Purdy, you can download the ZIP file here) You will get a few B & W line drawings. I re size them to the size I want on my computer, then print it out. I cut out the pattern to fit on the surface I want to transfer it to, in this case a small square of watercolor paper, and use transfer paper to trace the pattern. In my case, I didn't have transfer paper, I just used a soft pencil to trace the lines on the back of the pattern. This way I can just put it onto the w/c paper right side up, and use a stylus to trace the lines again. Once I have my image transferred, I can go over the lines with a permanent fine line pen like Sakura Micron or ZIG. I use a brown .05MM Micron. I erase the stray pencil lines, and start water coloring like any stamped image. Yes, it's more work, takes longer, and isn't as perfect as a rubber stamped image, but I like it. It also gives me an almost unlimited choice of images because there are thousands of painting pattern books out there by a lot of wonderful artists! I have a very particular style that I love, folk art, primitive, rustic, whatever you want to call it, and there aren't a lot of stamps out there like that! So, this is my solution. It works for me!


  1. This was not a boring post at all! It was most informative Katarina! I have been feeling the same way you have lately. I started my blog about 6 weeks ago since joining a design team, and sometimes I honestly feel like I'm a little kid playing in the big kid's playground. I don't know what I'm doing there and at some point someone is going to figure out that I'm not supposed to be there! LOL But I love to learn and play so if this is the only joy I get from this hobby, then isn't that what a hobby is for?! To make us happy? Keep doing what you're doing Katarina - you inspire me! :D

  2. Katarina, what can I say - except keep doing what you are doing, your work is stunning. I came across your blog site following a link from Pretty Pressings and I find your work inspiring. I am new to card making myself, but the excellence of your work and your wonderful eye for colour and design is inspirational. I have a link on my blog to your own, so I do not miss anything you do. Keep up the great work, Ann xxxx

  3. Katarina,
    I love your blog. I've been going over some of your past posts. Your cards are amazing. A little vintage, a little folk art, a little whimsical. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

  4. Bored, not at all! I think alot of us feel the same way you do. :)

    I used to paint with acrylics, not sure why I stopped...I guess stamping/scrapping got in the way of that. Your card is beautiful, I love your style and creativity. Keep them coming!

  5. Kathy thank you so much. I so wanted to know how you did this and you explained it to a T. Love these images. I too know that life is very stressful. I too think that stamping has helped my sanity. I think your style rocks. Thanks for taking the time to show us all how you did this. I think it is a beautiful way to create. You have such an eye for color. I still love all your sewing stuff too. The rag doll is awesome. Hang in there and PLEASE keep creating.
    Thanks so much.
    Dawn B.

  6. Katarina - there are loads of us in the same boat - we just can't see each other - as for your craft - it is most definitely not futile to create - especially when you've got so much talent. I'd go as far as saying it would be a sin to waste it. With your talent, I'll bet some of these fine days it turns into a career.

  7. Wow you can never give in your work is so stunning and fabulous ,you are so talented .keep with it babe xxxxxDawnxx

  8. Katarina, I have to let you know how much you have inspired me with your wonderful creative talent.
    I just had to get ahold of Renee Mullins to see if she would sell me some of her darling stamps after seeing them on your blog, and to my surprise she has put them back in her website for sale..
    and now I discover that I have one of her tole painting books as well as several others.. I used to be strictly a tole painter.. then discovered stamping... anyway... I don't mean to write a book..
    you are so greatly appreciated for sharing your talent with everyone..
    I love your style..and have tried to achive a sence of your wonderful shading and highlighting in the few that I have created..
    I loved reading your story in this post...
    keep on creating, we appreciate you!!

  9. Wow what a wonderful post and how amazing to read about the time and effort put into this image when most of us ink up a pad and stamp away!!

    p.s. My E-mail is still broken!!! GRR!! so will do my post in the next half hour or so on Inspirational, so please check back then, I love your work and thanks so much for agreeing. Will E-mail you again though when I'm back up and running once I have done battle tomorrow with my e-mail provider!!!!!

  10. You are so very talented, thanks for sharing


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