Monday, November 17, 2008

A Few Cards for Sale

A couple of weeks ago I gave a bunch of my card stash to my mother, she wanted to take them to work with her and show them off. Well, lo and behold, she also sold a bunch of them! I was pretty surprised! Anyway, after much consideration, I've been convinced that I should try and sell them online. I haven't yet figured out where I will be offering them for sale on a regular basis, but I decided to start with a few auctions on Ebay. I used to sell my decorative hand painted items with pretty good success years ago, and figured I might try it again. So click on the link and see what I'm offering up for bid!

The cards I posted aren't actually stamped at all, at least the main images aren't. This one is one of Renee Mullins' free patterns from her Plum Purdy web site. It was the first one I tried doing without stamping. Most of her patterns are designed to painted with acrylic paints, but I was already water coloring, so I figured why not? I think it looks pretty darn cute! Now I just have to get into my DBF's storage shed and start digging for my pattern books! They're in there somewhere! Or maybe I could just buy a couple more from her, that would be much easier, LOL.

Oh well, hope you like!


  1. you should try selling them on etsy, that is where i see a lot of people selling their handmade cards. this one, like always, is beautiful!

  2. I agree Etsy is a great place to sell too. I love your watercoloring here. It is gorgeous. How did you get it onto the watercolor paper. I love her stuff. I wish she would make more rubber stamps. The few she does make are awesome. Great coloring. I would love to know how you did this.
    Dawn B.

  3. AMAZING card, love the vintage look...thank you so much to turning me on to this company...I just went to their website and found that they are selling stamps again (or maybe always were and I just could'nt find it). I bought three of their "winter" sets.

  4. Another gorgeous card, love this cute snowman. Your coloring is so pretty!

  5. I also use to do a lot of folk art painting, I will have to check my stash for possible card projects, thanks for the inspiration you paint lovely on paper!

  6. I don't just like, I love love love this, fabulous work

  7. Het spijt me, mijn engels is niet zo goed. But your card is tip-top, you know hi,hi, is tis a stamp, and cane a buy it? Pleace can you tell me were? Och i love it sooooo muts.

    Warm greetings from the Nederlands.

  8. Hello my eng. is not so good, sorry. But you work, i love it soooo muts. Is this a stamp snowman? I hope so and cane a buy it? I hope you can tell me it.

    For now warm greeting from the Nederands from Anita.


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