Monday, September 26, 2011

Shimmering Foliage

Good morning everyone, this is my second attempt to write up a post. Blogger completely went kaput and didn't save a single thing on my last attempt. I'm going to be smart and save my work as I go along this time. Nothing like repeating myself over and over, lol...

Anyway, do any of you ever get stumped for card ideas? Sit there for hours trying to come up with a good card design? I know I do and with Christmas coming up quicker than you can blink, I know I need to get on the roll. So a couple of months ago I was perusing a catalog at work for custom personalized holiday cards. There were a lot of really nice cards in there and I thought to myself, I could replicate some of these with the supplies I already have! I saved the catalog and brought it home. This card is a direct result of inspiration from that catalog. 

Can you believe the pearl white embossing powder I used to stamp the background of this card is about 15 years old?! It's from the now out of business PSX company, that's how long I've had it. Still worked beautifully though! I used it to stamp a bunch of foliage from SU's Peaceful Wishes and PTI's Leaf Prints all over the card stock.

I then used some chalk inks to stamp a pinecone cluster that I cut out and popped up with foam tape over the background. A pretty red gingham bow and a little Christmas sentiment in the corner, and another card for the Christmas stash is done!

So if you're in a rut, start perusing through mass produced cards, guaranteed you'll find some inspiration there!

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  1. It happens frequently when I just can't think what to make - mainly men's cards!!!! What a beautiful xmas card.Love the embossing powder it really stands out.Love it.Take care.Debbie x

  2. this is a lovely card! That embossed background is a great idea - thank you for sharing!


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