Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Year of Flowers Notecard Set

Hello everyone, sorry I've been so quiet, working on quite a few things behind the scenes. Believe it or not Christmas comes early when you're designing cards for stamp companies. We have to be, customers want to see Christmas things with plenty of time to create in time for the holidays!
Well, this project isn't necessarily for Christmas, but I needed to make a gift for a very generous friend of ours who happens to love my cards, lol. I decided to use every one of the stamps in Papertrey Ink's YOF set to create a boxed notecard set. 

I have never made a large set of cards like this, so I knew I would have to keep it somewhat simple for the amount of time I had to make them. Instead of intricate, detailed coloring of each flower image, I opted to gold emboss and water color. I didn't have to worry about painting out of the lines with embossing, so I went to town with the markers and water brush.
Here are the December and November flowers, Poinsettia and Chrysanthemum. 

September Morning Glory and October's Marigold:

July's Larkspurs and August's Gladiolas:

May's Lily of the Valley and June's Rose:

March's Daffodil and April's Sweet Peas:

And finally January's Carnation and February's Violet:

 I made the box for the cards using the Boxer from Crafter's Companion. Pretty simple, although it took me a long time to figure out how to do it the first time. I even added a little divider in the middle of the box to keep the cards from sliding into each other.

I really hope she likes it, this was truly a labor of love!

Now I really need some input from my faithful readers, if you have a minute to leave me a comment. Here's the question I have....

Should I add sentiments to these cards? I always have the problem of making a card with a birthday, or congratulations sentiment only to be asked to change it to something else, lol. What do you all think? 
Thanks for your input!

Most supplies from Papertrey Ink


  1. I've been leaving the sentiments off my cards lately. I got to thinking... A beautiful card that the sender can tailor to meet their needs makes it more special. Their hand-written sentiment comes straight from their heart instead of my stamp bin. This doesn't go for all of my cards, but I have been creating more without sentiments - especially sets like this.

  2. Lovely set! I especially like the DP you used on them.

    As for sentiments, I think they would be more useful without sentiments. I agree that it's nice to have a handwritten sentiment.

  3. My first reaction is to say no, these don't need sentiments. But then I thought of an idea where you could provide both options. You could stamp sentiments seperately that could be attached by the person. That way she can choose to add a sentiment if she needs it, and to the card that would fit her needs the best.

  4. I love the cards!! As for adding anything--well I like the idea about stamping the sentiments seperately . That way they can choose to handwrite something or just add the sentiment.

  5. These cards are gorgeous! I would NOT put sentiments in the cards - that way she can use the cards for any occasion that she desires - makes them so much more versatile.

  6. What a beautiful set of cards. I too would not add sentiments but I have a suggestion. Why not make little tags with short, small sentiments. I am sure you have an assortment laying around. Do you have the little labels from PTI or use a small Spellbinder label. Use different color of papers that match the cards. Your friend than can add them if she wants to.

  7. Geez, I should have read the other ladies comments first, they already made the suggestion. Now I fell real dumb.... :(

  8. Wow katarina, these are beautiful. maybe you could stamp out an assortment of sentiments and put a couple strips of 2 sided tape on the backs of each and include them in for the recipient to pick and choose......I know, more work on top of what you have already done. lol

  9. Hi Katarina..Gorgeous gorgeous..cards...I would'nt add sentiments either as the cards just speak for themselves...

    Thank you for your wonderful comments on my LOTV card...I just had to say that it was YOU that inspired Me when I took up stamping again..your beautiful colouring totally knocked me out...(you were on the Magnolia DT then and I found your blog by chance) I fell in love with Tilda after seeing your wonderful cards and I strived to get my colouring just right...and then I opened a blog of my own and entered challenges and I am now on the Just Magnolia design team and run Stampin'for the Weekend Challenge...I'm sorry to gush so..but Katarina ...it is all down to your inspiration...Thank you



  10. a gorgeous set! i vote for no sentiments, but i usually hand write the insides of my cards.


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